February 2nd , 2016 9:00 PM Posted by Mike James

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Rest in peace, Live365

Live365 Shuts Down! Smooth Jazz and More Moves to Radionomy!

On December 31st, Live365, our broadcast parent for nearly 15 years, informed its internet affilates across the network that recent negotiations on a new broadcasting royalty deal had sent the company in crisis mode.  The past royalty agreement involving small and medium broadcasters expired at the end of 2015. The new deal would have forced Live365 to drastically increase the costs nearly 500% percent on its affiliates. Coupled with the withdrawal of important investment partners, the company laid off its entire staff and vacated its offices in Foster City, California. 

In mid-January, we were informed that the company would shut down at the end of the month. In light of the situation, we were forced to take measures to make sure the stream would continue. Because of this, Smooth Jazz and More set up a new home at Radionomy, an internet broadcast provider with servers based in Brussels, Belgium. Despite the stream being free, there are still listener goals we must maintain to continue broadcasting. We encourage everyone to listen and support us!

You can listen to our new stream by clicking the newly added music player. No need to go to any website! You can also listen on any radio app by copying and pasting the website address:


I'd like to thank Live365 for giving me the opportunity to giving me a voice in the broadcast world for nearly 15 years. I've always wanted to be in broadcasting, and this venture made my dream come true. It breaks my heart that many people will be losing their jobs at Live365 due to bureaucrats in Washington.

Getting rid of thousands of small and medium sized broadcasters is not the way to help independent music artists get more royalties. There should be more sources, not less. We encourage our listeners to contact their representatives in Washington and demand fairness for small and medium sized broadcasters. Demand the Small Webcaster Settlement Act be renewed immediately!

Call 202 225-3120.

As for our partnership with Live365, I'm so sorry to see them go.

It's been one hell of a ride.

Mike James
Internet Radio Broadcaster
Smooth Jazz and More


Please contribute to our GoFundMe campaign.

Smooth Jazz and More had been broadcasting on Live365 for nearly 15 years. We've been reliant on our pay-per-blog to generate revenue for our internet radio station the past 9 years. However, those revenue streams have dried up and combined with increased competition, our listenership has also suffered. The loss of Live365, our broadcast partner, has led us to our current home at Radionomy. Due to listener quotas, our continuation there is uncertain.

In May 2015, we started a GoFundMe campaign to help fund our internet radio station. Initially, we've set a goal of $2,500 dollars for this November. As of right now, we still need $1,900 dollars.

Our Internet radio station is maintained with the financial help of our listeners. You can also contribute by purchasing an an item in our gift shop at CafePress. Smooth Jazz and More gets a portion of your purchase, and in return, helps us maintain our administrative costs.

Please give what ever you can, and for those who've contributed, thanks so much for your generous support.

mj a.k.a. Smooth!

Friday, July 10, 2015 10:00PM Posted by Mike James

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